Our first priority is to provide a package to every family with a pre-term baby. Our base* package includes:

3 preemie outfits ($50 value)
2 pack preemie diapers ($30 worth)
$200 in Gift Cards

Personal care items and supplies to help with hospital stay.

*Our base packages, may or may not include all items listed based on requests, funding and resources.



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Many families have preemies after they have other children. Parents need to spend as much time as they can with their little one. Unfortunately, most children are not allowed in the NICU due to health concerns. We will provide child care services, to help while the parents are spending time with their preemie.


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When you have a preemie, you basically live at the hospital, but life doesn't stop at home! There's grocery shopping (if you aren't staying in a hotel), maybe pets to feed, mail to take in, plants to water, taking the siblings to school, etc. We will  help take care of all the "life" stuff so that you can stay with your little one and focus on getting them home. 



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When parents buy a car seat they are usually looking at safety and convenience, not weight minimums. If parents haven't yet had a chance to purchase a car seat, we will provide them one. If they have we will take their car seat and exchange it for one that fits their needs. 


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Often times, families with preemies don't live near the hospital in which their baby is staying, which means a lot of travel time. It's especially difficult if mom is trying to nurse, even if its a 20 minute ride home, 40 minutes round trip is a lot if you're feeding every 2-3 hours and probably need to pump in between feedings. Parents need sleep! So we will provide gift cards or vouchers at local hotels to help them stay closer to baby.